Welcome to A Land Divided: A really cool concept with a terrible name. Take a look around and check out the content. Eat it like garbage. Spend money at McDonald’s… whatever makes you happy, pig.

ALD is a continent with countries in the North, South, East, West and Center. That’s 5 total countries. You can read more specific info about them when I make the pages and link them here.

Athacia (Central Country)
Southern Athacia
Northern Country
Western Country
East Country

Anyway, there was a war between the humans who had mastered science VS. the servant/robot workers they created. Most of the land in the West, East and South hadbeen destroyed. The Robots reached a stalemate when they were unable to take the scientists’ last defense in the Central country, and agreed to a compromise. They were allowed to take the Western country as their own sovereign nation in exchange for mutual peace. This peace has lasted almost 100 years, and the South is having their first World Peace Centennial Fair to celebrate. (undecided where this will be – most Southern cities will be along the coastline)

Our heroes/villains will meet one another at this fair after a test of strength, wits and endurance (this will be described and they will introduce one another). From then on, the fair is theirs to explore.

There are 4 overarching types of “races” – Humans, Robots, Animals and Plants.

—Humans will play similarly to how they do in D&D and pretty much every other game with race choices (choose 1 Stat Bonus + any others). Can be born with magic but must play as a social outcast. Magic can be learned only if the player can find a way to learn it (requires a lot of travel or some early deeply-hidden easter eggs.. lol get fuked). [Add more ideas here]

—Robots will play mainly as a tank class with Constitution and Dexterity bonuses, while lacking Charisma and Wisdom. (Strong and agile but unable to understand the subtleties of organic cultures). Cannot use magic. [Add more ideas here]

—Animals will play as DPS and skill-based characters (Rogues, Archers, classes with medium HP and Defense that can do cool stuff). Can be born with magic but must be from a village near the Central-Eastern border. Can learn magic but only from other animals.
—Current ideas for animals: Amphibians adapted to volcanoes that reveal they have always known magic; Bobcats, Black Panthers as a tribe of sleek and speedy Rogues/Tricksters; Reptiles as Monks/Bards; Lions as Fighters and Paladins (imagine a Lion Paladin praying to an ancient Sun God. So dope). [Add more ideas here]

—Plants will have a status-inflicting/curing Healer playstyle. They sit on a weak body so charging in and using all OP moves is a no-go. [Add more ideas here]
—Ideas for plants: venus fly traps, vine monsters, tree creatures, etc. Armor shall be formed by slime, thorns, bark, poison release etc. [Add more ideas here]

Kinda running out of steam right now so I’m gonna read for a bit and see if I can get more down later. Add anything to existing topics or other stuff below.

A Land Divided (Change name at some point)