Southern Athacia

General Info

The land of the common man. Treated as outcasts by the elitist Athacian humans, they make their way as Luddites by farming barely arable land and using crude & outdated tools. They are unknowingly oppressed by the Athacian Government through social codes and a lack of education.

The Law of the Land

The Athacian Government functions behind the scenes as a totalitarian government for the South. They send spies down to the Southern cities posing as talented workers, wealthy men, etc. – basically people valuable to a recovering war-torn country – and have them manipulate their way into positions of power. They also send artists and scientists to help speed along the process, all the while plugging in subconscious messages that the Athacian citizens view themselves as equal to the South / have the South’s best interest in mind. This warping of public opinion allows the Athacian plants to install any form of government they choose. The uneducated average Joe in the South will be told that these new laws are already a functioning part of the Athacian government – in turn, he will believe that they are effective and thus vote for them. This could not be further from the truth. Athacia sees the Southern people as boorish pawns; equivalent to cattle or servant robots.

3D houses were given to southern farmers as peace offerings after the western country desolated the north western portion of South Athacia. Grand and cozy, the 3D printed houses are made of lightweight [carbon??] for transport. If need-be, they can be lifted and moved across the town in case of natural disaster or pending war relocation. They are mainly used by Central-Athacians but also by “randomly selected” Southern-Athacians for added Facade. Printed Townhouses provide shelter for Southern-Athacians that are required to work off “debts” and is necessary for Central-Athacia’s big goal. [concentration camps]
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Southern Athacia

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