Athacia (Central Country)

General Info

The highly secure and defensively sadistic land of the human scientists and elites. Their technological advancements provide safety at the cost of division and destruction of the surrounding nations.

The Interspecies Civil War

Athacia started the Interspecies Civil War by creating servant and manual labor robots that, through algorithmic reasoning, eventually noticed the purpose of their being. A few exceptional robots with minor mistakes in their Directive coding reprogrammed the fellow members of their species to have similar “defects.” Once a large enough portion of the robot working class was mentally able to revolt, they decimated the Western half of Athacia and laid waste to the middle portion of its south. The Athacians already had a stronghold made up of towering Biodomes, the location where the best technology known to humankind was being produced. Using these powers as a last resort, they were able to match the abilities of the robots they had birthed. A war of attrition ensued and the Robots were trapped in the wasted West.

Realizing they were low on supplies, they eventually came to a compromise with the Athacian humans. The humans enacted two forms of legislature which are still in effect to this day. The “Act of Compassion” was enforced the day the war ended, in which the Athacians promised to send oil and battery cells to the robots on a weekly basis for the next 100 year, allowing enough time for the machines to create renewable energy sources. The second piece of legislation was the “A Happy Bot is a Happy Homeland Act” of 1AW, allowing the disenfranchised automatons to seceed and dictate their own sovereign land.

Athacia (Central Country)

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