East Country

General Info

The land of the modern lower-caste in the Animal Kingdom. Intelligent, sometimes newly bipedal and erected animal species dwell here.

Species Info

The animal species in the East are of 3 classes of communication with humans and robots: Intelligent, Baseline, and Non-Communicative. Intelligent creatures are usually bipedal with opposable thumbs; Baselines have one or the other; N-C’s have neither. Intelligents can understand complex human ideas like economies, politics and social codes; they reside at the top of the animals’ insulated food chain. Baseline creatures can speak Common but have difficulty grasping abstract concepts; they either feed themselves or lead packs of N-C’s. Non-Communicatives are basically animals with some survival-enabling mutation but they have no grasp of human ideas or language. N-C’s are led easily by the animals that can think and often serve as animals did to humans in the past, and are sometimes killed for food for the stronger species if necessary.

Food Sources

The Intelligents have parted the system of agriculture onto the Baselines after learning about it from human books that were given to them by the Athacian Peace Corps. Unfortunately, even before the war, the East was not the best spot for farming and so the animals are limited to spots strewn out through the country.

Recent Happenings

Looking to solve this issue, some Intelligents in the northwestern area of the East decided to go looking for other food sources. What they found was amazing: Giant plant creatures! The Intelligents were relieved. They could kill these wildly nutritious green beasts instead of killing their own kind. Since 95 AW, the same group of hunters have been travelling to and from the Northern continent, learning about the plant monsters and bringing food to their kin. This group is currently the de facto leader of the entire animal kingdom.

East Country

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